“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”

— Edwin Louis Cole

Principia, LLC (prin-ˈki-pē-a) is a management consulting firm located in Detroit, Michigan that is working to link America’s economic recovery to the “Green Collar” Agenda (i.e. the use of cutting-edge technology to combat issues of environmental crises and the training of underserved communities to become the next generation of technologists in support of these sectors). Principia, LLC specializes in work with senior leaders who understand the role change plays in successful enterprises and the benefit of seasoned, unbiased and independent professional counsel.

Principia will help you troubleshoot the 3 biggest challenges organizations face:
Leadership Alignment        Leadership Performance          Leadership Succession

Interim executive services that provide you with an experienced leader now who can get to know the culture, politics, and real barriers the business faces as a part of the leadership team for three to six months at a time. Time spent improving bottom line performance, resolving tough business issues and advancing organizational effectiveness focusing on:

 “Clean Tech” Ventures                             Manufacturing Supply (incl. ISO certification)
Engineering Design                                   Program Management (incl. International)
Sectoral Workforce Development            Government – Industry – Community Relations

Services to grow the “clean economy” by helping leaders plan for a better future:

  • Making smart, clean, sustainable choices for “power, products, process”
  • B2B partnering to combine economic performance w/environmental achievement
  • Building a dynamic workforce from the community of today’s urban residents

Principia identified the priorities, the teams to be formed and the work process and activities that needed to take place prior to the visit. Their quick assessment and guidance helped us ultimately succeed in renewing our accreditation.”                                    Amanda Caballero-Holmes, Former Executive Director,  Latino Family Services

Why Hire Principia? Principia’s foremost talents lie in leading organizations to practical solutions for their most critical problems and working, as requested, with leaders and staff until implementation is complete. Specifically we can assist in four ways:

  1. Principia has spent decades building a unique operational performance improvement skill set unrivalled in the industry. Harness that brainpower for your firm and let us do the heavy lifting. You get the benefit of a greatly improved product or service without the headache of having to be in the detail “up to your elbows”. Who wouldn’t want that?
  1. Principia can save you time. With only so many hours in the day… and with so many details that require your attention why not let us work for you where it makes sense? Simply put, you don’t have time to do it all. And, quite frankly, why would you want to? Trying to be in five different places at the same time will only result in stress, burnout, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness. And aren’t there a million other ways you’d prefer to spend your time—besides working?
  1. Principia can save you money! Ever felt like kicking yourself when you realize you’ve just thrown “good money after bad?” You say, “I’ll never do that again!” And, then you do. Break the cycle and divert funds to engage us… put those dollars to better use where they can positively impact the bottom line. That’s money well spent.
  1. Principia’s work will help you safeguard your brand. Everything you do in business impacts brand perception. And, if you’re in business, you’re always in the business of managing your brand. Making bad decisions affects your credibility and credibility is what brand is all about. The practical advantage of using an expert like Principia is to capture high-quality, consistent results… the “stuff” brands are made of. Safeguard your brand and let your good reputation precede you.
*Phrasing attribution to Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq.

Bottom line: If you are interested in driving marked improvement in your team’s ability to address your particular challenges, please call (313) 909.3034.

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