Excerpts from “When Minorities Become the Majority

Excerpts from “When Minorities Become the Majority – The Vision for 2050:”

by Dr. Leonard Greenhalgh


“Census data leave no doubt that minorities are rapidly increasing as a proportion of the total United States population. … Minorities will become the majority of the national population around the year 2050…”

“This country is not preparing for this momentous demographic shift that will create a “new majority.” The most pressing problem is that today’s minorities are getting neither the help they need to fully participate in the entrepreneurial economy, nor the education they need to staff the workforce in the service/knowledge economy.”

“…The situation facing minorities destines all but a few of them to remain an economic underclass. When an economic underclass becomes the majority, the American Dream becomes no more than a fairy tale for most people; the class division between the embarrassingly wealthy and the unacceptably poor takes on epic proportions, and alienation, resentment, and social unrest become increasingly prominent in the American ethos.”

“Even those who subscribe to the view that “life isn’t fair” need to pay attention to their long-term self-interest: the impact of minority underachievement will extend beyond the minority community to constrain gross domestic product, and harm “the haves’” ability to remain affluent. Instead of contributing robustly to the national economy, minorities will remain on the sidelines of their value chains, generating little wealth, few jobs, low tax revenues, and fiscal burdens.”

“The U.S. needs a highly educated workforce to maintain national competitive advantage in the global economy. The country also needs a growing infusion of knowledge-based new ventures to sustain the entrepreneurial economy and to replace major corporations that have lost their competitive edge. Despite these growing needs, minorities as a group are not getting the education the country needs them to have, nor are their enterprises getting the help they need to survive, prosper, grow to scale, and take their place in the economic system. It’s sad if jobs are going overseas because of labor costs. It’s a national tragedy if jobs are going overseas because our burgeoning minority population lacks the basic literacy to do them.

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