Posts on “Aha” Moments

Three years ago I formed the management consulting firm Principia LLC to play a small but significant role in:

1. Accelerating the pace at which we guide America through its economic recovery

2. Alerting the country to the increasing benefits of:
a. Sustainable environmental practices
b. Renewable energy
c. The “clean economy”

3. Fast-Tracking the training of our urban youth as “Tomorrow’s Future Workforce”

In three short years I’ve discovered a series of “Aha” moments to share and I plan to do that periodically by posting a short paragraph on the subject matter with a link to more information if one’s curiosity is piqued… or conscience pricked ;-).

Some posts will share facts… others simply reflections… but all will point to where we find ourselves on the bumpy ride to safeguarding a clean, prosperous, healthy future for our children and their children.

After reading … if you have a point of view to express, please do so. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy what you see and will share what you read with others.


Keith Cooley is CEO of management consulting firm Principia, LLC. He specializes in creating unique solutions to the tough, expensive problems that keep leadership teams awake at night  and especially enjoys working with senior leaders who understand the benefit of seasoned, unbiased and independent professional counsel.

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