◦ Better Future: Clean Economy*

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

— Beverly Sills

Better Future: Clean Economy

Many “Clean Economy*” opportunities arise from efforts to assure that leadership commitments to improved business performance are informed by sustainable decision-making. Principia’s work facilitates that process, directly engaging senior leadership to blend business strengths with marketplace opportunities for enhanced competitiveness. This includes leveraging targeted business-to-business partnerships that stimulate early adoption of proven clean technology and drive it into the “DNA” of forward-thinking organizations.

This also gives rise to additional upside impact… Specifically, that clean economy jobs are more resilient to market shock. Across the country, during the height of the “Great Recession”, fewer jobs were lost in the clean economy vs. the traditional economy. And in May 2017, U.S. News and World Report noted: “…the clean energy sector is now creating new jobs faster than almost any other sector in the American economy….”


Bottom line is a robust clean energy economy is critical to a robust American economy.

Principia’s work enables the growth of the clean economy and includes helping senior leaders plan for a better future:

  • Making smart, clean, sustainable choices for “power, products, process”
  • B2B@ partnering to combine economic performance w/environmental achievement
  • Building a dynamic workforce from the community of today’s urban residents
  • Seeing the “win-win” inside these choices

Integral to this work, Principia provides strategic advice that:

  • Promotes the efficient, sustainable expenditure of resources and/or expansion of facilities. Principia is especially interested in helping senior leaders who wish to migrate towards greater recycling and reuse, more energy-efficient infrastructure, and enhanced measures to promote the sensible management of precious natural resources.
  • Supports distributed power generation as well as smart grid infrastructure especially as it allows for clean energy from alternative and/or renewable sources. Principia is particularly drawn to programs that allow clients to fuel these “microgrids” with suitably processed “localized” municipal solid waste. This increases sustainability while minimizing contributions to global warming
  •  Assists the growth of a “renewables” transportation infrastructure that promotes the use of “cleaner” alternative fuel vehicles (e.g. biodiesel, hydrogen, etc.) and advanced fuel-switching strategies.
  • Connects businesses, foundations, and community organizations to post-secondary educational institutions for workforce skills development and technical training centers that focus on the clean economy. Principia believes these partnerships are incredibly important to the education of “communities of color”. These same communities will soon take on “majority” status … but may get neither the help they need to fully participate in America’s economy nor the education to staff critical knowledge-based positions of the future. This trend must be reversed!


* Defined by Brookings Institute as “…the sector of the economy that produces goods and services with an environmental benefit.”

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