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“To lead people, walk beside them … As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate … When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!”

— Lao-Tzu

NEW Coaching and Mentoring Services

Principia now provides coaching and mentoring services to help your key executives

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Achieve critical developmental objectives,
  • Unlock the potential to resolve interpersonal conflicts (including unconscious bias),
  • Build high performing teams to successfully meet mission-critical objectives

Interim Executive Assignments

If your company is dealing with the sudden loss of a key executive* or needs additional resources to expand into new business areas, here’s something to think about. While you may need help to assure mainstream business continuity in the short term you may not need a permanent hire immediately. Outsourcing a key executive position on an interim basis through Principia may be the better solution.

At its core, the concept isn’t new@. No doubt you already outsource many services on which you depend; lawyers, accountants, designers as well as commercial air, rail and ground transport when needed; and you pay only for what you use.

Principia interim executive services allow you to bring on an experienced leader now who can get to know the culture, politics, and real barriers the business faces while becoming part of the leadership team for three, six, or even twelve months to:

  •      Advance strategic initiatives that assure your organization stays on track
  •      Assist senior leadership teams interview and select a permanent replacement
  •      Diagnose and implement important but sometimes unpopular internal changes

In particular, Principia CEO Keith Cooley is the perfect choice for interim executive leadership assignments in a wide range of circumstances. He has requisite experience across corporate, NGO and governmental entities in an array of capabilities that speak to his qualifications.

Bottom line is Principia:

  • Quickly grasps the critical elements of each new assignment and, with senior leadership approval, takes steps to minimize risk and optimize success
  • Provides proven, “on-demand leadership” based on more than 35 years of management experience with what works & what doesn’t – to deliver results
  • Understands the threat presented by a leadership gap and can bring critical focus to key stakeholders, systems and costs to assure business continuity.

What clients say:

“One of Principia’s great strengths is its ability to get to the crux of a problem in a logical clearly defined manner. I think of the time they helped me prepare for an unplanned visit from a health accreditation and certification agency.

Principia identified the priorities, the teams to be formed and the work process and activities that needed to take place prior to the visit. Their quick assessment and guidance helped us ultimately succeed in renewing our accreditation.”
Amanda Caballero-Holmes, Former Executive Director,  Latino Family Services

*C level, VP, Cabinet Member, Executive Director;
@ Art Saxby:http://pascohernando.score.org/resources/eaas-executive-service-outsourcing-c-suite




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5 Essential Steps to Starting a Business Out of Your Home … a guest post

Image via Rawpixel

by Amy Collett

If you are thinking about starting your own business, be prepared for a variety of challenges and benefits. It’s one of the hardest-yet-rewarding career paths you can choose. One factor that can make a big difference in your experience, however, is where your new business is located. By setting up shop in your home, you can eliminate some of the overhead costs that come with renting an office space, and you can enjoy more flexibility and balance in your work and home life.

Of course, when starting a business from home, it’s essential to approach it the right way so that you can put yourself in a position to succeed. Along with hiring a management consulting firm like Principia, LLC, keep these five steps in mind as you get your home-based business up and running:

1. Lay out your interests

Just as Forbes explains, when you start a business, it’s important that you have a passion (or at least an interest) in the industry you are entering. Otherwise, the daily challenges that come your way can quickly overtake your motivation to keep going, and could greatly interfere with your ultimate satisfaction and success. Write down any interests you have accumulated over the years, as well as the specific skills you possess. Doing so will help you determine the kind of business you could do well in.

This step is also essential if you’ve recently lost your job or business. Once you accept your situation and grieve for a short time, you need to get up and begin mulling over your next idea so that you can figure out how to get it off the ground.

2. Research ideas

Once you have written out all of your interests and skills, hit the web to research the plethora of business ideas out there. Whether it’s running a dog grooming business, freelance writing, or opening an e-commerce store, you can do almost anything out of your home. Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Under30CEO are a few websites that provide a variety of business ideas and other valuable information on running a business.

3. Find funding

No matter what kind of business you start, you might need to seek funding to help get it off the ground. That way, you can have the working capital you need for getting any necessary equipment, hiring employees, increasing inventory, and handling any number of other tasks. When it comes down to it, having money available can help you to keep stress to a minimum and achieve your goals in a timely manner. When you are researching your financing options, be sure to consider both government and non-government programs and loans.

4. Equip yourself with the right tools

Along with figuring out your interests, researching business ideas, and finding the right types of funding, be sure to consider any tools you may need to succeed in your business. Basic equipment such as a quality desk, ergonomic chair, and laptop/desktop computer are given for any home office. But there are also many types of tools and software that can help you stay productive and in communication with team members and partners. Research the various productivity and collaboration apps on the market to choose the right ones for you.

5. Set customers on a pedestal

Last but not least: Value your customers (or clients) above all else. As Trustpilot explains, your business won’t survive unless your customers are kept satisfied. Along with maintaining solid customer relationships, make sure you are going to great lengths to expand your customer base. Ensuring the quality of your products and services, engaging on social media, and promoting your brand through email marketing are great ways to achieve this.

Amy Collett is creator of bizwell.org, a website that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build and strengthen their personal brand. When she isn’t helping clients boost their careers or businesses, she enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team and training to become a yoga instructor. 

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