◦ Troubleshooting

“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.”

— John Foster Dulles


Principia delivers workable solutions that address senior leadership’s most perplexing problems, build competitive advantage and enhance operational performance.… in particular providing seasoned advice for seasoned executives on:

  • Taking risk in an “information starved” environment
  • Making “tough calls” when circumstances demand
  • “Moving on” from approaches that just don’t work
  • Confidently initiating, redirecting and managing large scale change

Areas of Focus include 3 of the biggest problems organizations face:

       Leadership Alignment        Leadership Performance          Leadership Succession

“When we were struggling with the power structure at work and not getting the support we needed to get the job done, Keith set about aligning the requisite forces to … take charge of the situation.” Julian E. Pate III, Director, Education, Focus: HOPE

Deliverables: Increased capacity to confront & solve troubling corporate problems

  • A transfer of learning esp. root causes as well as “what’s working and what’s not”
  • Solutions having the best probability of success with expected outcomes
  • Recommended path(s) forward with associated implications
  • Working with leadership to implement the solution

“One of Keith’s strengths is the ability to realistically assess a situation and find a pathway through it that acknowledges the “brutal facts” but engages the team in finding a solution.” John Cleveland, President, Innovation Network for Communities

Approach: Principia’s value lies in

  • Discreet interaction(s) with key stakeholders
  • Identifying critical points of leverage
  • Recommending solutions that work and working with leaders to implement

“I love Keith’s ability to work through difficult issues objectively and positively. Keith had to overcome significant resistance without harming the organization – which he did!”          Beth Ardisana, Board Member, Focus: HOPE

“Keith is one of the most talented executives I have ever met. He is able to help senior executives to improve their management styles, negotiate complex problems and determine how to improve almost any situation. His technical and people skills are tremendous!“  Dr. Sheila Ronis, President, University Group

Bottom line: If you are interested in driving marked improvement in your team’s ability to address your particular challenges, please call (313) 909.3034.